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Is Panda Antivirus Pro a Scam?  Is Panda Antivirus Pro Safe to Install?  Any Complaints?

Several consumers complained about not having received the product after they paid.  Other than that, a majority of consumers have reported very positive experiences with this software.


-Panda Antivirus is certified by Weat Coast Labs, which is a 3rd party software testing company that is widely recognized as an authority in their stringent testing of anti-malware software.  See test results here.

-This software is also certified by ICSA Labs, which is another 3rd party tester of security products that has been providing credible test results for the last 20 years.

-Panda Antivirus is updated frequently to protect against the newest viruses.  According to AV-Test[dot]org, an esteemed independent antivirus software testing organisation, this software has been updated an average of 2.7 times a day since the start of 2009.  Click here for details.


-A couple of customers have complained about system crashes allegedly caused by Pnada Antivirus.

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“I bought this after switching to Panda from Norton last year. One feature I really like is it updates itself everytime you go on the internet. I read reviews of it from Pc magazine. Pc says it catches more viruses than Norton so that was another reason I purchased it.  Will definetly purchase it again next year.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“I am no computer expert, yet I can set up Panda and run a virus scan all by myself! It is simple to use and very efficient. I have never had a problem with Panda and have used it for several years and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable program!”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“Panda found 13 infections upon install. The clean up appears to have fixed a problem with my Windows Explorer home page I’d had for several months. Yeah Panda!”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“I’ve been using this product for three years without a single issue. I used to use Norton but it caused too many problems with my system and was just too expensive. For less than half the price of Norton I have a safe, secure system that does a great job. I also like the ease of installation, the fact that it’s very low maintenance and I can install it on three computers.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“This is best antivirus I have ever used it does reconize somethings that it shouldn’t as viruses but that is an easy fix I definitely recommend this product.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“In the last couple of years, I have had an inordinate number of hangs/crashes while using Photoshop, InDesign, or IE, and have to reboot. When rebooting, the programs that show up as hung while shutting down are both Panda functions.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

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