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Is Norton Antivirus a Scam?  Is Norton Antivirus Safe to Install?  Any Complaints?

Some customers have reported that their credit cards were charged without prior authorization, as well as other billing issues.  Please exercise your due diligence when dealing with this company.

There were also customers that have complained about the software having failed to detect certain viruses that have infected their systems.

On the plus side, Symantec Antivirus is completely safe to install according to consumer comments and the experience of one of our reviewers, who has been using this product for the last 3 years.


-Norton Antivirus is certified by both West Coast Labs (check here) and Virus Bulletin (check here – look for Symantec Antivirus halfway down the page), both of which are highly reputable companies that perform objective, 3rd party testing and certification of malware removal software.

-Another authoritative tester of antivirus software, AV Comparatives, found Symantec Antivirus to have a whopping 98.4% malware detection rate and a scanning speed of 17.2 Mb/s (which is faster than all but one of all the software they tested).  For this they were awarded the AV Comparatives Advanced+ Award, which is the highest-level award that can be earned.  (You can see the pdf report here.)

-Symantec Norton Antivirus is updated VERY frequently – at the rate of 233 updates/day on average, according to AV-Test[dot]org (see here).

-Consumer feedback indicates that starting from version 2009, this software has appeared to be vastly improved from earlier versions.  Even consumers who previously abhorred Norton Symantec, that for various reasons gave it another try by trying out version 2009, have said very positive things about it.  As for version 2010, it’s too early to hear anything from consumers yet, but reputed reviewers like CNET are saying that the 2010 version is either as good or better than the 2009 version.


-Some consumers are reporting that in spite of highly frequent updates for this software, it still manages to miss some viruses from time to time, and reports some false positives (i.e. identifies harmless items as threats).

-Many customers have complained about the software being too resource-intensive, and that it slows down their systems during scans and updates.  For this reason, we would advise you to schedule scans and updates to run only when you’re not at the computer.

Customer Feedback / Comments:  (Note: Version 2010 is too new for consumer feedback to appear around the net.  The following are comments directed at version 2009.)

“Norton 2009 has been completely changed. The 2009 version is under 6MB total memory usage, it has streaming updates, performs tasks when PC is idle, and it’s effective at catch trojans, spyware, etc before they infect your system.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Download[dot]com

“Excellent product loads very fast…Almost totally automatic…Blocks attacks lets you know with little display which then goes away. Scans when computer is on and not being used for (var) length of time = idle time scan.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Download[dot]com

“The 2009 version of Norton Antivirus is a major pain to use. The automatic weekly scheduler fails on a regular basis. The “solutions” you get from their tech support last a week or two and then the automatic scaninng doesn’t work again.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“My daughter is an avid surfer and came across the “personal anti-virus” virus yesterday. It made it through the filters and Norton is unable to delete all instances from my computer. It has infected enough area’s that the computer is almost unusable.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“After trying Kapersky 09, Trend Micro 09, Webroot W/Virus 6.0, F-Prot, AVG, AVAST and Norton 09. I am extremely impressed with Norton 09! It’s the only one I have stayed with.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“Overall a very unobtrusive and fast product.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“The interface is clean and easy to follow…It uses very little of system resources and has a graph on the interface you can use to monitor the resources. It scans incoming email. It’s different from the Norton I remembered from 5 years ago which was bloated and slow…So far so good.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“I’ve used Norton Antivirus before in previous years and didn’t like it much. Didn’t find it particularly user friendly.  This 2009 version is vastly improved. It loaded very easily, and has run simply and very well. It alerts me when ever there is an attempted atack or I’ve tried downloading something that comtains a threat. I am very pleased with this.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

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